Walfred loves meeting new people and is passionate about photography. His

passion is all about capturing beautiful and special moments. He preserves the special moments of your life through pictures so that you can cherish them for a lifetime. He specialize in modern and classic photographic services outdoors and in studio. When working with a client, Walfred will take time to get to know them to better understand the person and the story they want to tell.  This rapport helps to develop a trusting relationship that will contribute to a relaxing environment as well as a clearer understanding of the subject’s objectives for the shoot.

Walfred grew up in Valencia, Venezuela. His early exposure to nature, music, art, and books inspired his passion.  One of his most prized books of his youth was a collection of photographs which transported him to other places, inspired his curiosity and sense of adventure. In his free time you can find him with his wife, daughter and friends, hiking, making music, or just hanging by the water.



“Walfred was wonderful to work with! He's really good at listening to what it is that you, the client, are looking for and then adding his own personal touches! In addition, Walfred is incredibly patient, understanding, and so very positive! Walfred not only makes your vision come alive; his creativity and skill level make your vision surpass any initial expectations held! I would highly recommend Walfred as the photographer to call for any occasion!”

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